Movie Rating

In the U.S., the MPAA's rating systems are the most-recognized guide for parents regarding the content of movies, and each rating has been trademarked by MPAA so that they are not used outside of motion pictures.

The primary MPAA ratings are:
  • G (general)
  • PG (parental guidance suggested)
  • PG-13 (parental guidance suggested under the age of 13)
  • R (not suitable for children under 17/restricted)
  • NC-17 (children 17 and under are not admitted).

Malaysia's motion picture rating system was introduced in 1996. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, all films in Malaysia, whether local or foreign, are scrutinized and then categorized by the Film Censorship Board Film Control Division before being distributed and screened to the public.

The decisions made by the board on any film are categorized as follows:

= = = = +++ = = = =
  • Approved
  • Not approved
= = = = +++ = = = =
  • U (Umum, literally General Audiences) - For general audiences. (triangle sign)
  • PG-13 - Children under 13 not admitted unless accompanied by an adult. Film may contain scenes that are inappropriate for younger children. This classification was introduced in 2007. (half circle sign)
  • 18 - This film is for aged 18 years and above only. No people under this age will be admitted. Film may contain adult themes, explicit scenes, mature content, nudity, strong language, and/or sex.
= = = = +++ = = = =

Category U and PG-13 are unrestricted, only 18 is a restricted category.

  • 18SG (Seram, Ganas, literally Graphic Violence and Horror/Terror) - Under 18 requires an accompanying adult. Film contains strong violence, gore or horror/terror that people may find objectionable.
  • 18SX (Seks, literally Sexual Content) - Under 18 requires an accompanying adult. Film contains sex scenes, nudity and/or sexual dialogues/references that people may find objectionable.
  • 18PA (Politik, Agama, literally Strong Religious or Political Elements) - Under 18 requires an accompanying adult. Film contains elements which include religious, social or political aspects that people may find objectionable.
  • 18PL (Pelbagai, literally Variety) - Under 18 requires an accompanying adult. Film may contain strong violence, gore, horror/terror, sex scenes, nudity, sexual dialogues/references, religious, social and/or political aspects people may find objectionable. (Example: A film with strong violence and sexual references will be classified as 18PL).

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